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QA361 HiFi Lossless Pure Sound Music Player

  Spur with longterm accumulation
  Just for the uncompromising sound quality

Where is the ceiling of the portable player?

In high-end desktop player, and high-end desktop player with better sound in the future.
The portable player we make is to be infinitely close to the desktop player.

QA360 has a title of a concentrated small desktop player and QA361 is more close to the desktop player.

Make efforts to achieve the extremely clean and penetrating sound base, the delicate and pure emotion restoration, the easy and elegant sound style

Make efforts to let the sound to be more comprehensive, more perfect, more pleasant, more touching base on QA360LE sound base, try to let the penetrating purification, the feeling of music and fluency to be ultimate, achieve the unique sound quality in the current selling audio players.

Finally, QA361 sound style is derived from QA360LE, the same easy and elegant, as well as nice, compare with QA360LE, it is more penetrating, more condensed and delicate, better treble and bass extension, more excellent feeling of music, more graceful and natural, soft and with the feeling of quality.


1. It is adopted by the single-chip computer single thread ultra real-time code, make sure the sound to be more purified, more details can be restored.
2. It rewrites the code full linear reading card, and isolates TF card power supply, the sound background is more black, more purified and natural.
3. 0.088ps double femtosecond crystal vibration provides the clock for the overall synchronization of the whole machine.
4. Two 470000uF super capacitors independently supply the power to the analog and digital.
5. 6 OPA1622 achieve four kinds of trust mode of ear amplifier: Standard, Large current, High voltage and Dual-high.
6. AK4495SEQ sound quality special edition + high voltage power supply, make sure high quality and the good feeling of music.
7. Enhanced capacitive load driving capability can drive the capacitive load larger than 2000pF.
8. The sound is extremely penetrating, delicate and has the very excellent feeling of music.

Power supply is the mother of sound

Very purified, Very steady, Very low internal resistance power supply design

Power supply is water while music is life, the pure water creates the wonderful life, the pure power supply reappears the moving sound.
QLS-HiFi always insists on the tuning concept of power supply is the mother of sound, because power supply is the head of bottleneck to affect the sound.

All power supply is independent, Not influence mutually
With the characteristics of ultra high speed and ultra low noise,
As well as ultra output internal resistance

Clean, penetrating and delicate are the largest characteristics of QA361 sound, and it is closely related with the investment of power supply.

Super Power Supply
Supported by Double Super Capacitors

Respectively supply the power to the analog circuit and digital circuit

A good clock can be described by a word "Steady"

A good clock basically has a full, firm and condensed bass, it can be described by a word "Steady".
Steady shows it should be clean enough, treble response should be guaranteed by the enough good power supply.

The clock is the soul of sound

QA361 is adopted by an overall unified high precision femtosecond clock
Refer to dCS monolithic clock synchronous supply design, the whole situation is derived from the femtosecond clock, it is equal to the clock synchronous function is used in the audio and DAC.

DAC is adopted by AK4495SEQ sound quality special edition + High voltage power supply

The maximum characteristic of this chip shows: the decoding analog reference voltage can exceed 5V, the maximum can be 7V power supply, it improves the signal-to-noise ratio and the dynamics of sound, namely the sound is more penetrating and clean, and at the same time has the better dynamics and sound freshness in details.

Compare with AK4495, AK4495SEQ has the better feeling of music, its sound is more full and elegant.

AK495SEQ is not the main reason for sound quality

In QA361, The cost of DA chip is only occupied 3% than the total cost of material, the cost of power supply is 8 times than the cost of DA chip, the cost of the material of analog circuit reaches to 6 times than the cost of DA chip, a good sound is required to put more investment on around the whole and play a chip to be ultimate.

It is adopted by the volume control architecture of desktop Perfectly resolve the unbalance between the left and the right, as well as the digital loss

After a repeated comparison, still insist on PGA2311 that can deal with the bottom noise problem by consuming the power, occupying the area, increasing the cost, spending more time on the research.

Lossless analog volume regulation, make sure the small volume can also has a good sound quality: very wide regulating range, very detailed regulating process, the left and right is nearly completely balanced, therefore achieve the precise control for the wide range of volume.

PGA2311U pursuing the ultimate also shows on every slight place, QA361 is adopted by PGA2311UA that with the higher price, lower distortion ratio, rather than PGA2311U.

MCU or DAC chip directly controls the volume by the digital

Balance of the left and right

Digital volume will compress and reduce the number of bit, small volume loses the signal conversion accuracy severely.

0 cost

Common precise potentiometer

Balance of the left and right

Unbalanced left and right will cause biased sound, the imaging is not clear, and the unbalance reaches to +/-3%

The cost is increased less than $1

PGA2311UA programmable analog potentiometer

Balance of the left and right

The analog potentiometer controlled by programme achieves the left and right balance of +/-0.05dB

The cost is increased more than $10

Ear amplifier circuit is adopted by 6 OPA1622, make sure the current output and capacitive load driving capability

Many carry-on players including some ear amplifiers don't consider the load driving capability, but it has a great impact on the driving headphone especially the headset. QA361 driving capacitive load capability is enhanced several times, it is very easy to drive some headsets with the larger capacitance.

Four kinds of thrust mode of ear amplifier adapt to more types of big headphones and small headsets

The thrust mode includes:


Large current

High voltage

Dual-high ( Larger current + High voltage )

The analog signal is controlled by low distortion dual power analog signal electronic switch, so as to achieve the gain control

The gain is not controlled by DAC volume without increasing the cost, the gain is not switched at the analog part by the common electronic switch or MOS tube, but it is adopted by low distortion dual power analog signal electronic switch TS12A12511DCNR,through the optimization of switching circuits, the distortion is not increased completely in low gain by our measured data, therefore, make sure the good sound quality is achieved in low gain or high gain. 

Balance is considered after the single end is ultimate
Single end is compromised without the balance
Refer to MBL method, the preceding stage is adopted by single end amplification and single end signal processing, just increase the double amplification circuit to the ear amplifier part and use the balanced BTL output, so the balanced output power is 4 times than the single end, due to the balanced output completely separates 2 sound track negative of headphone, The degree of separation of sound is greatly improved, And the unnatural situation caused from the sound appears the phase shift or distortion is decreased as possible as it can, and at the same time it saves PCB area than the whole balanced circuit, In the same PCB area, same volume of player, make the sound to be ultimate ( including the single end output ) by more space, more cost.
Innovative in the portable player provides ALL TO DSD mode: can upgrade all formats to DSD 1bit 5.6MHz high resolution output, even if the original signal is PCM.

The following square wave output analysis is the measured figure.

PCM output square wave analysis figure

PCM To DSD output square wave analysis figure

By the comparison of the above measured wave forms, we can find that ALL To DSD is more purified and has less harmonic distortion than the original PCM direct output signal.

Design of the extremely penetrating sound
Linear reading the music data
Let the sound background becomes very black
Refer to the German cavalry player method, the program of single-chip computer is adopted by full linear reading TF card method, And it can adjust the frequency of ripple wave by changing the size of linear reading document block, and at the same time adopt the voltage rising + three-level RC isolation + large capacitance matrix + LDO mode on the power supply circuit of TF card, so as to reach to the purpose that the ripple wave is perfectly isolated and reduced, and at the same time the audio Jitter is greatly reduced.
QA361 Adapts To The Crowd

1. You have the high-end player, and want to experience the pure tone mode and the extremely penetrating sound again, QA361 is worth having at the same time.
2. If you have the near ultimate pursuit for the sound, and you prefer to compromise the other aspect, QA361 is developed for you.
3. If you pursue the penetrating and delicate, and the good feeling of music, as well as the smooth and natural sound, QA361 is very suitable to you.
4. If you play the binding for the sound quality, do not miss QA361, it will alleviate the binding for you.
5. If your payer in hand can not drive your headphone / headset, or can not drive well, you can try it.
6. If you love to listen the classical background music while reading, QA361 can bring you the natural and smooth sound to you.
7. If you like the sound balanced advanced desktop system, and want to experience the similar as the easy and elegant sound from the carry-on device.
8. If you have a busy work and big pressure, and want to listen the good music quietly, seek for a music can touch your soul.
9. If you are a worker in charge of music, and need a player for listening the extremely penetrating, extremely pure restoration music.
10. If you have a lot of headphones / headsets, and need a player can drive most of earphones.
11. If you are an audio researcher, QA361 excellent and pure sound can help your work.
In a word, The friends who have a certain pursuit for the sound quality, and can accept the pure sound player, QA361 is the best choice for you.


Audio Bit depth, Sample Rate, Bit rate Container, Encoding, Compression

16 / 24 /32 / 64Bit, 44.1-192KHz, 24Bit / 352.8KHz

Fixed-point, Floating-point

16 / 24 / 32Bit, 44.1-192KHz, 24Bit / 352.8KHz


16 / 24Bit, 44.1-192KHz 24Bit / 352.8KHz

Level 0-8

C1000: 16 / 24Bit, 44.1-192KHz
C2000: 16 / 24Bit, 44.1-192KHz
C3000: 16 / 24Bit, 44.1-192KHz
C4000: 16 / 24Bit, 44.1-96KHz

Fast / Normal / High / Extra High
ALAC 16 / 24Bit, 44.1 / 48KHz M4A container
TTA 16 / 24Bit, 44.1 / 48KHz
WV 16 / 24Bit, 44.1 / 48KHz Fast / Normal / High / High Plus
DIFF 1Bit, 2.8224 / 5.6448MHz

DSD64 / DSD128 encoding
DST64 unsupported

DSF 1Bit, 2.8224 / 5.6448MHz

DSD64 / DSD128 encoding
DST64 unsupported

SACD-ISO 1Bit, 2.8224MHz

DSD64 encoding (DST64 unsupported)


16Bit, 22.05 / 32 / 44.1 / 48KHz, 96kbps-320kbps

AAC 16Bit, 44.1KHz M4A Container, AAC LC / SBR
DTS 16Bit, 44.1KHz

WAV Container, DTS-5.1 / DTS-ES encoding

CUE ANSI / Unicode / Unicode Big Endian / UTF-8 encoding
Notes: 24Bit / 352.8KHz or DSD128 high bit rate documents can be supported while TF card has a very steady high speed reading response.

* Storage media: Adopt an external TF card, Support FAT32 and exFAT document system, Support the maximum capacity of 256G at present.
* Sound mode: Slow Roll-off, Sharp Roll-off, Short Delay Slow Roll-off, Short Delay Sharp Roll-off, Supper Slow Roll-off, All To DSD.
* High and low gain: Low gain, High gain, It is adopted by analog signal hardware control, make sure the good sound quality is achieved in low gain and high gain.
* Headphone amplifier thrust mode: Standard mode, Large current, High voltage, Dual-high (Large current + High voltage).
* Support the sound track: Two track (Stereo).
* Digital output: 3.5mm coaxial output port * 1.
* Coaxial output: Level 0.5Vp-p, matched impedance 75 ohm, support the highest 24Bit / 192KHz and DoP for DSD64.
* Reference clock jitter: 0.088 micromicrosecond (88 femtosecond).
* Ear amplifier output: 3.5mm single port * 1, 3.5mm balanced port * 1.
* Analog output: 3.5mm Line Out port * 1.
* Analog audio parameters:
Frequency response 0-20KHz
Signal-to-Noise 112dB
Dynamic range 115dB
Degree of separation 106dB
Distortion 0.0008%
* Output level
PO unbalance 5.26Vrms (no-load in high voltage mode)
PO balance

10.4Vrms (no-load in high voltage mode)

* Rated output power of single end headphone port
8 ohm

720mW@ large current mode, 280mW@ standard mode

32 ohm 400mW@ dual high mode, 170mW@ standard mode
300 ohm

100mW@ high voltage mode, 35mW@ standard mode

* Balanced output power (BTL): It is theoretically 4 times than the single end power, practical measurement
300 ohm

320mW@ high voltage mode,130mW@ standard mode

* Output impedance: LINE OUT 93 ohm; PO unbalance 0.18 ohm; PO equilibrium 0.38 ohm.
* Headphone matching the impedance: 8 - 600 ohm.
* Decoding chip: AK4495SEQ (sound quality special edition), LPF:OPA2107
* Built-in battery: Ultra low internal resistance customized Li-polymer battery 3.8V---3800mAH
* Input voltage: 4.8V-5.4V, current 2A and above (TYPE-C interface) (can be charged by mobile phone charger or power bank)
* Service time: 10H by a conservative estimation (standard mode is single end output, measured player WAV 16Bit / 44.1K, screen is set as 10 seconds for closing, multiple sample devices all exceed 11h), Balanced output reduces the service time around 10%, high current or high voltage mode reduces the service time around 20%, dual high mode reduces the service time around 40%.
* Charging time: 5-6H
* Dimension of mainframe:115mm * 64.5mm * 16mm

Unit: mm

Application Scenarios


Drive single end or balanced headphone, three-level or four-level contact pin is supported
BAL Drive 3.5mm balanced headphone. (Wiring order is shown in the figure as below)
LO Circuit outputs high quality analog signal to the power amplifier, ear amplifier, active speaker, vehicle-mounted AUX port and so on
COAX High quality coaxial signal output decoder pure digital power amplifier, AV power amplifier and so on, ( Wiring order is shown in the figure as below )

BAL / Wiring order of balanced headphone plug

COAX / Wiring order of coaxial plug

The wire material is non-standard, please prepare by yourself. when purchasing the wire material, please confirm if the connection order is consistent with the figure from the seller.

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