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1. PS1 is a customized product, so please leave a message in the order form after your purchase: namely brand and model + voltage of the product to be powered. For example, QLS QA100 + 9V.
2. The delivery time of customized product is from 1 to 7 days.

Hi-Fi ultra-low-noise DC power supply processor PS1

Power supply is the mother of sound while sound is generated from power supply
¡°Playing Hi-Fi is playing power supply¡±
We think most of the sound problems can be solved on the basis of power supply

      What is PS1?

* PS1 is a ultra-low-noise DC power processor,
* PS1 is a bank-alternating, isolated and ¡°floated¡± ultra-low-noise DC power supply.
* PS1 uses 2pcs 4S 14.8V 75C RC LiPo battery alternating output.
* PS1 is a bank-switching, microprocessor-controller, RC Lipo battery-based, ultra-low-noise external DC power supply.



      What is important in power supply design?

* We use 4S 75C 1800mAh RC battery in PS1, the battery maximum output current can exceed 100A, We do not consider the need of 100A high current. Instead, what we think over is that the higher current is available, the lower ESR will be obtained while the lower ESR can bring about faster transient response. Very low ESR (equivalent series resistance) much lower than other type batteries, and also more lower than multiple ultracapacitors in series£¬and they can discharge very fast, thus delivering a lot of energy quickly. These are important attributes for an audio component power supply.

* Speed and ultra-low output impedance over a broad bandwidth: The power circuit with low ESR, equipped with the Audio Note electrolytic capacitor and the V-cap CuTF (Copper Foil Fluoropolymer Film) series Film Audio Capacitors, compensates the high and low frequency band to ensure that full frequency band of audio has consistent and low enough ESR. This brings about the obvious improvement of full-frequency sound quality as well as excellent two-end extension.

* As the power supply has low full-frequency ESR, real-time transient response can be achieved for the power requirements of full-frequency loads, and lower noise is also easier to be realized. With parallel 6 pcs LT3045 low-noise regulated chips, the output noise is lower than 1uV.

* 100% galvanic isolation from the AC mains at all times. While one bank of battery is supplying output, the another bank is charging. The output is never connected to the bank that is recharging, and the sophisticated design ensures silent and smooth transitioning from one bank to the other.

* DC output cable is also very important, We uses ATLAS Hyper Silver plated OFC 75 Ohm digital cable and The Oyaide DC 2.1G highest quality DC plugs make the DC output cable, Because we've tried to compare a lot of cables, the 75 ohm coaxial cable is cleaner. ( If we has find a better cable in the future, we will replace it without notice. )


      Output voltage and plugs can be customized

* Although it only has one power output, the output voltage of PS1 can be customized.
Users can customize and modify output voltage to 5V, 7V, 9V or 12V, and even any voltage which is not higher than 12V. All the voltages can provide 2A and even short-time 3A output current.
Parallel output of an USB A port will be provided on the machine where output is modified to 5V.
Besides the customized voltage, we also provide customization of the output plug of DC cable, please leave a message in the order form after your purchase: namely brand and model + voltage of the product to be powered. For example, QLS QA100 + 9V, We will get the output plug information according to the name brand and model. you can also send email to us for consult.
By customizing voltage and plugs, PS1 can supply power for any DC input devices whose voltage does not exceed 12V and actual use current does not exceed 2A.


Product packaging does not contain QA390 player



* Always be 100% isolated from electric supply (including the isolation from global and local ground loop), completely blocking the interference of noise of electric supply.
* PS1 uses 2pcs 4S 14.8V 75C RC LiPo battery (the battery maximum output current can exceed 100A) bank-alternating output.
* Use 6pcs LT3045 low-noise LDOs for parallel output, which only has 0.33£õV theoretical noise.
* Use the Audio Note electrolytic capacitor and the V-cap CuTF (Copper Foil Fluoropolymer Film) series Film Audio Capacitors to compensate low and high frequency band in order to ensure full frequency of audio has consistent and steady low ESR of power supply.
* Use multiple microprocessor-controller to intelligently manage the balancing charge and bank-switching of batteries.
* Use dozens of N-MOS or P-MOS with super low internal resistance and high current for the switch of battery sets and output sources.
* When a set of batteries is supplying power, only another set of batteries which is completely isolated will be charged.
* Precise design can provide quiet, steady and seamless switch from one to another battery.
* Provide a switch to batteries or DC input as output source. With the seamless switch, battery output can be selected for music listening; when there is no need for music listening but long time power supply, DC input can be selected, and it is directly outputted by the input power after being denoised by PS1 without consumption of battery life.
* It can be connected to input AC power in daily use, but also supports mobile use when being separated from AC power supply, and the life time depends on the power consumption of load, for example, the life of power supply for QA390£¨about 0.5A) is from 5 to 6 hours.
* The internal batteries have 3A charge current. When the power switch is turned on, the power supply for load can be disconnected manually to fully charge the two batteries in turn so as to prepare for the mobile use when being separated from AC power supply, the total charge time of which is around 2 hours.
* Internal batteries provide fully balanced charge for overcharge, over-current and over-discharge protection.
* The output voltage is steady and with over-current protection in order to avoid back-end devices from over-current or over-voltage damage.



* Input power: DC 12V 5A, internally positive and externally negative, 5.5 x 2.1mm (standard adaptor with 100 - 240V AC 50/60H input voltage)
* Output voltage: Default DC 12V (11.5V-12.2V) (which can be customized to 5V, 7V, 9V and 12V, and even any voltage that is not higher than 12V. Please leave a message with details in your order form).
* Output current: 2A
* Built-in battery: 14.8V, 1300-2200mAh, 4S RC lipo battery x 2pcs
* Battery Plug: Connector Type: XT60 Balancer Connector Type£ºJST-XHR
* Battery size: width ¡Ü38mm, length ¡Ü108mm, thickness ¡Ü31mm (the brand recommended: Tattu)
* DC output: PLT-16X three-core socket, pin 3 positive, pin 2 not connect and pin 1 negative
* Length of DC cable: 50cm (customization of other lengths is optional. Please contact customer service for details)
* DC Cable plug: Default DC 5.5 x 2.1, internally positive and externally negative (Please leave a message in your order form for customization of other plugs)
* Product size: 200mm x 180mm x 44.5mm
* Product weight: 1.75kg
* Package size: 350mm x 280mm x 120mm
* Package weight: 3.5kg




You can view larger images, The internal RC batteries are consumables, and therefore are not covered by warranty
To continuously improve the sound quality and performance of the product, material or lines could be changed without prior notice.



Units: mm




 Function instruction

A  Power on/off switch
B  Output source selection switch, for the selection of batteries or DC input as output 
C  Input indicator light of DC power adaptor
D  Charge indicator of internal battery 1
E  Charge indicator of internal battery 2
F  Output indicator: DC power adaptor
G  Output indicator: internal battery 1
H  Output indicator: internal battery 2



 Function instruction

A  Input interface of DC power adaptor: standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm size DC barrel connectors
B  USB-A type output port: this port is only available for the machine with 5V voltage output while it is sealed for other models of machine
C  Power output interface and voltage label (The pin position of the plug connector is defined as shown in the following figure)


1 - GND / -
2 - NC
3 - VCC / +



1. DC 12V 5A power supply Adaptor x 1 (with input of 100-240V AC 50/60Hz)
2. AC power cable for adaptor x 1
3. PS1 x 1
4. DC output cable x 1 (Default Length 50cm, Default output plug: standard 5.5mm x 2.1mm size DC barrel connectors )
5. Shell disassembly and batter replacement-used screw driver x 1

       Price: USD $749.99  ( Included shipping )


PS1 Power Supply Processor (Red)     USD $749.99
PS1 Power Supply Processor (Black)      USD $749.99
We will send good by Express , about need 7-15 working days for the rest of the world, and we will send Tracking Numbe for you, and we will declare the sending for gift with a low value(For example: USD $100.00), to reduction reciever side to pay tax or try to avoid reciever side to pay tax.

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